Who is Trudo Properties?

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Who is Trudo Properties?

Trudo Properties, LLC specializes in renovating classic older Houston homes, as well as building new homes throughout Houston’s most desirable neighborhoods. We are growing Design/Build Firm looking to renovate houses & improve neighborhoods, while providing our homebuyers with the highest quality homes available. Trudo Properties specializes in providing homebuyers exceptional high end homes within Houston’s most desirable established neighborhoods. While renovating old or building new homes, Trudo makes it a priority to maintain the architectural integrity of the surrounding classic Houston neighborhoods. Using the finest materials available, Trudo is an eco-minded company that demonstrates the highest quality craftsmanship in all of our renovation and new construction projects. In all Trudo Custom Homes, you will find practical elegance along with modern system updates while preserving classic period details. Trudo Properties provides our homebuyers the combination of timeless design along with practical elegance that they will love for many years to come.

Our Company

Our company has grown into a well recognized market leader, but that has a lot to do with the quality people that make up our organization! We not only strive to provide our homebuyers with the highest quality product in the market, but we also strive to have only the highest quality people on our team as construction and real estate professionals. Below are a few of the people that help make Trudo Properties great every day:

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Kevin is the Owner and Head Acquisitions & Finance Manager for Trudo Properties. He began his investing career back in 1999 and has been active in the wealth management space with a few global wealth management companies for over 21 year. Together with his wife, Trudo Properties was built from the ground up, and presently he is in charge of daily operations, Investor Relations, project financing and all new acquisitions for the company. Currently Kevin is looking to expand his company’s brand through projects like the Grovewood and Chippendale new home projects in order to make Trudo a household name for Houston homebuyers looking for exceptional homes.

Pam is very diverse in many areas of the construction Industry from design, remodels/renovations, custom new builds, and staging. She currently designs all our floor plans and makes all design selections. Pam has a great passion for her work, making our projects tasteful and timeless. She is also responsible for running our projects from start to finish, scheduling and keeping projects within our budgets.. Pam’s knowledge of Construction, and the latest Building/Design technologies and practices make her a strong leader in our company.

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